Saturday, October 8, 2011

Confusing Relationship

God you know I have tried to keep the peace in my relationship.  I have tried for many years to be happy but it just seems like my best is never good enough.

God you know I have tried to express my feelings to Ronnie countless times.  I have cried and pleaded with him.  After these talks it seemed like he listen for a few days than suddenly forgets about our talk.

I have left Ronnie countless times even then after a short period of time things got miserable for me when it seemed that it had no effect on him.

Ronnie I know loves me but I don't feel loved or respected.

He seems to point out all my fault and he never pay's me a compliment and if he does it's very rare.  I feel very insecure because we do not have any life insurance and we are not married.

I fear after spending 10 years now with Ronnie that his family will kick me to the curb if Ronnie die's before me.  He would be Ok if I died first because he get's a monthly check and the house is paid off.

Lord you know if I could get a job I would feel better.  The past few months has been really bad since the car broke down so now I have no independence.

I hate relying on my friends to get around not only that but it's embarrassing.

God you know I love Ronnie but we need your help!