Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome to My God Box and Journal

Before I ever met God I kept a diary.  I started keeping a diary since I was 11 years old. I went to visit my grandmother and my diary disappeared.  I wrote in that diary for 3 years faithfully.  I searched for my diary frantically but never found my diary, so I never wrote in a diary again after my diary disappeared.

I got into a bit of a problem with drugs and alcohol.  I went to a rehab for women which was a christian based rehab.

I was saved way before going to the rehab named Caring People Ministries.  I knew about God but I didn't know God until I went to Caring People Ministries.

The God I knew was boring and he was a punishing God.

Caring People Ministries showed me that God is not boring at all.  He never sleeps and he is always at work in our lives.

While staying at C.P.M. I witness lots of miracles.  I learned a lot about myself and I seen God at work with my own eyes.  Somethings I witnessed was unbelievable so unbelievable I was in "awe" I never in my life ever seen God work in so many different ways with so many different people.

I only thought I believed in God before I went to C.P.M. now I know without a doubt God is real.

I spent a year there and learn a lot about myself and God that is how I learned how to Journal and I also learned what a God Box was and how to use my God Box.

At the time I used a tissue box and I decorated the box.  If I was confused about a situation or didn't know what to do I would pray/talk to God just like if God walked in my house like my best friend.

Write a note to God than drop my note in my God box.  Pray for God to help me with whatever concern I had and let God take care of my problem.  If I didn't know what to do about a situation.  I would ask God the question and wait for his answer.

God has many different ways of answering you from your God Box.
Here is some of the many ways you get answers.(God always confirms his answers so that you know for sure your answers are coming from God) not you or some coincidences  or Satan.

Always wait for confirmation before you act.

Confirmation and Answers from God

  • A comment from a friend
  • Constant tugging of your heart
  • Telephone
  • TV 
  • Church
  • Prayer
God confirms his answers several times so without a doubt you know your answers are coming from God no "place" else.

God is still my best friend even after I got to busy to talk to him.  He never left me but I left him behind for several years.

With that being said I decided that I need to get closer to God and the best way to get closer to God is to have a personal relationship with God.

I welcome you to my blog.  I encourage you and welcome any feedback that comes from your heart.  If you feel the need to make a comment or you want to share your experiences or story you can email me here or leave a comment.  If you want to be a guest blogger on my blog all I need is your email to give you access to this blog.

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