Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vacation from Hell

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I was so looking forward to this vacation.  God you only know that this vacation was over due.

This is the first vacation Ronnie and I have been on in 13 years.  I just got blessed with a 98 Ford Explorer in new shape.  Thank You Lord.  The first thing that went wrong was I stopped at a truck stop.

Ronnie walked the dog while I was using the ladies room.  Ronnie loaded the dog up into the truck and off we went!

Little that I knew my dog had tar all over his pawls.  My dog tracked tar all over the new carpet in my truck.

Lord you know I was upset but tried to stay positive.  I realized there was nothing I could do with the tar.  All over the back of the truck.

We got to Ronnies cousin's house.  Had a wonderful time!  We had fireworks seen and spent time with family.  It was great!

Ronnie has property we have been paying taxes on for years, but never seen the property.

We couldn't visit the property,because Momma was hard to take on long drives.  We were blessed to be able to visit his cousins house which is a 3 hour drive from our house.

So we went to see the property for the first time.  It was a beautiful ride to Envirness.  I was a little stressed because we really didn't know how to get to the property.  We used Map Quest to find Floral County.

It was pretty in Floral County.  We stopped at the County tax collectors to get directions to the property.  I was getting tired and stressed from driving. We started to fuss going to see the property.  Suddenly Ronnie didn't like my driving.

He started to be a annoying backseat driver.  I started to get frustrated with him telling me how to drive.

We stopped to get a bite to eat.  A large coke spilled all over the carpet in the front of the truck.  I was fit to be tided!  I mean really I was pissed!

We really started arguing at this point.

We stopped at the tax place to get directions to the property.  We never like to have found the property.

So we stopped at the local bar.  Everyone was nice and helpful.  We had a few drinks.  We found the property.  Nothing looked like the way it did when I went on Google earth.

We couldn't even walk up on the property.  There were so many briers and tons of over growth on the property.  So that was disappointing.

We got a motel that allowed dogs.  We sat in the room and had a few drinks.  Ronnie started in on me we fought all night.

The alarm on the truck went off.  My dog had a fit!  Someone was trying to steal the truck.

We didn't get much sleep at the motel.  The bed was so hard Ronnie had to help me get up when the cleaning lady rudely banged on the door.  We started back to his cousins fought all the way there.  When we got there I just cried from frustration.

I almost left Ronnie at his cousins house.  I just felt like leaving his ass.  I almost did when he went into the house to get the dog food we forgot.

I was tired, angry, and frustrated I just wanted to cry and I cried.

Ronnie said he was sorry and held me we talked and realized he did not take his pills.  These pills keep him from being moody.

So I forgave him and said lets go home.  We got home and realized we left or lost the house keys somewhere.

We had to break into the house.  I was so tired I just went to bed.

God my only wish is for me and Ronnie to be happy and stop the arguing.
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  1. Hi Tamrom,

    I feel your pain. I would like to try and give you some support by saying that your husband badly needs support including you and your family. There are techniques used for PTSD that can be very helpful. Francine Shapiro developed a technique to diffuse the trauma by very slowly introducing the original trauma eventually reducing the power of the trauma. I don't remember the name of it but I am sure you can google it. If you can email me, I can get it for you. Maybe there are volunteers that can run these processes for your husband. Next, go to the Wounded See if someone can give you the therapy needed. The emotional pain must be diffused if it is to work and you need a specialist to do this. Also, Once a month is useless. You need once twice, three times a week for it to help. Next, I don't know but check the Trauma Centers in your area. There may be volunteers there. Bessel VanDerKolk in Boston's Trauma Center is a pioneer in Trauma . You may want to call them for advice. I live near Nortridge. There is the Trauma Center there. Do check your city if you haven't already. Trauma needs to be slowly diffused by a professional for it to be effective. Years ago I had the processes run on me It has help me very much and I know how to most of the time control my childhood trauma. So good luck to you. I, by the way will by starting my hubbing so later if you want you can connect with me there. I am under Stan Rosen PsyD and also Stanar. You can contact me at

  2. Thanks Stan

    Just being around him can be challenging. I love him so much but he is causing me a lot of pain in frustration. Some times I just want to give up.

    I will look for ya on hubpages! I will email you as well

  3. Maybe a "stay" cation would have been more relaxing? Wow! Poor thing:)