Friday, September 21, 2012

Backseat Drivers Drown Them at Birth

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Sorry God its been a few weeks since I wrote to you!  Ronnie has been keeping me busy.  God you know my old man has always been some what of a backseat driver.

Since we got the Ford Explorer his backseat driving has gotten out of control.  I mean please!

Thanks for the patients you have given me but man he is really getting on my nerves.

I don't mean to complain!  I just wish he would sit back and enjoy the ride and be grateful for the ride.

I mean he isn't no expert.  He don't even have a drivers license. Honestly I can see why?

I let him drive for about 15 minutes.  He scared me so bad I had an anxiety attack for God sake.

Well anyhow, I am afraid he will cause me to have a car accident.  I remember we where going to his doctors appointment.

I came to a stop sign.  I looked to the right then Ronnie said go and like an idiot.  I actually went.  All of a sudden I hear brakes squealing.  I looked to the left and a semi locked up the brakes.

I am not kidding the wheels in the back of the semi must of came off the ground a foot or so.

We could have been killed.  I told Ronnie never to tell me how to drive again?  He didn't for months tell me how to drive.  I guess now he is making up for those months.

He bitches because he has to tell me over and over again.  How to get to places?  He tells me not to ride the brakes to the red light.  Don't put your foot on the brakes every time we go over railroad tracks.

He wants me to drive in circle so he don't have to walk when we go shopping, but yet he says he needs to start exercising.  I just don't understand him!

He constantly tells me to cut people off.  He wants me to switch lanes and get ahead of cars that often doing the speed limit.

The list goes on and on.  Today I couldn't even pull up in my own driveway right!

What can I do God?

I am getting so frustrated and angry at him I could drown him or myself for that matter.

How can I stop the backseat driving?  Oh by the way!  I didn't mean it when I said.  I wish the truck would stop working.

Please don't let anything happen with that truck.  Its just I was angry and frustrated with Ronnie at the time.

Please help!  
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  1. You need to modify the seat he usually sits in as an ejection seat! My wife does this kind of shit, too, annoys me no end. Ask God to help me too while you've got her on the line.

  2. What a good idea? I just don't understand how someone can tell someone how to drive when there drivers license is revoked.

    Nobody else has a problem with my driving. Why should he? Does anybody have a cure for backseat driving?